Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Here is what we have been up to the last few weeks in room 17.
The pumpkin patch came to us! The k/1 kids had a special surprise of a field full of pumpkins. So much fun to get out there and pick them ourselves. 

Our class got to paint some fabulous pumpkins and put them on display for sale at Trader Joe's. There are still a few for sale if you want to go and grab one!

Our class LOVES Legos!

Making cards for special people in our lives.


Monday, September 23, 2019

Practicing our handwriting.

Reading ROCKS!

Making Words with Sue. She comes in and works with us each day. 

Picking books you are interested in makes it so much more fun.


Organizing and intepreting data! 


With a little help from my friend.

Kids MUST play!


Class Update - September 23rd

Hello Everyone,

Our class is really starting to come together. The kids are connecting and creating a very nice environment to be in. I am getting to know each and every person in the class and I think they are wonderful! people! The students are so open and understanding of each other, and they are full of energy and kindness. I already love being their teacher! 

My Me Box - The students were invited to create a small box or bag and place 5-6 items into the box/bag that represents a bit of who they are and what is important to them. They should be able to carry it into class on their own. The students saw two examples today and are very excited. These are not due right away. I do not want it to be stressful. My hope is that they initiate doing it at home and ask for a bit of help. If you need help getting a box please let me know. If you have any boxes you would like to donate please send them in. This is not required but I do encourage each child to try this out. It's a fun way for us all to see how unique, cool, and awesome we each are, and how much we have in common. 

I am excited to begin having volunteers in the classroom! The students have been learning routines and settling into school. We are excited to show you what we've been up to. If you are able to volunteer in the classroom this year please email me and let me know and we will make it happen. Volunteering will start up the very first week of October. 

I hope to have the first library for our class be next Tuesday. I would love to get ideas about library. I want to help get as many books into kids' hands as possible. Our library time will be from 11:45-12:15. Students will be able to check out two books each week. Please help your child remember to have the old library books back in the library bin in the classroom before the next library.

Our class just began an art block. YES! We will be "arting" in the afternoons! We are SO excited! Our focus is on landscapes, flowers, trees, and animals/creatures. We will be working with watercolors, pencils, and clay. There will be a blending of the first-grade classes so kids get some choice and variety in the work they do. All of our work will be on display during Art Walk. Art Walk will be held on October 24th this year. More information about the date and time will be coming your way. 

I look forward to seeing you at Curriculum Night. It is this Wednesday. 
Here is the schedule:
5:00-5:30 CT presentations and eat together - Yum! I think it's going to be pizza!
5:00-5:30 Title One presentation and food in Title Room
5:35-6:05 Grades 3-5 Curriculum Presentations Homerooms
6:10-6:40 Grades k-2 Curriculum Presentations Homerooms - I can't wait to meet you! 

If you are able to send in any extra class snack we could use some. Sometimes a student forgets a snack or isn't able to bring one. 

Have a great night.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Here are a couple shots of some of what we were up to last week. It was our first, 5-day week together. It is going so well! Reading, writing, and math groups have all started up. Our class is connecting and creating a beautiful environment to work and learn in. I can already tell this class is amazing and that we are going to have an amazing year!

Making Mandalas

Feeling proud of our work!
Caring and connecting with each other.

Listening to fun stories. Right now, we are Reading Lulu Walks the Dogs. 

Principal Kevin came in to read us a fun story!

Writing ROCKS!

Designing self-portraits.

Working with water colors.

Meeting our school counselor, Jaime Hock. She will be coming into our class once a week to help us sharpen our social and emotional skills.