Wednesday, January 23, 2019

I am WAY behind on updating the blog. Here is what we have been up to the last few weeks.

Singing Happy Birthday to Apollo and Twyla! Happy 7! 

 We are SO GLAD you were born!

Art makes our hearts smile! 

You can paint anything your heart desires! 

SO happy that Ms. Hannah joined our class this semester! She will be with us until spring break. 

Our Many Colored  Days books. We are talking more about how we feel and getting better at sharing it.

Thank you to Kathleen Kerr for coming in and telling us all what editors do. 

How do you calm yourself down when you're having a hard day? 

These guys discovered that the Magnatiles work REALLY well under the desk! The power of metal and magnets is awesome! 

 The power of PLAY!

Thank you to the amazing donors who gave our class SO MANY AMAZING BOOKS! 

We are still working on writing our own books! 

When kids get to choose the books they read, it's SO much more fun and engaging!

 We do gallery walks to get ideas from others.

Second graders come in each day to volunteer in the classroom.
It takes a village to raise a classroom.

 Exchange students coming in to see how we do things in first grade here. 

 What would we do without our amazing volunteers?

Learning how to work with others can make learning so fun! 

WE love it when parents and families come in and work with us! You are always welcome here! 

 This is Elijah. He is a senior in high school. He volunteers in our classroom 3 days each week!

 Remember the day that it flooded outside our classroom door?

 The assistant principal, Mike, comes over to visit us every Tuesday for a bit.

 Making vision boards!

 Meet the Author! You will get to read all about each one of us at the beginning of our stories.