Friday, June 2, 2017

Mount Pisgah Field trip

Fieldtrip to Mount Pisgah!
Please remember we are going on a field trip to Mount Pisgah on June 7th.  We will load the bus at 9:00 and return to school by 12:30.

There is no charge for this final fieldtrip!

Please send your child with a hearty snack and lunch. Please separate the snack from the lunch. Kids will eat their snacks on the trail, and return to the pavilion to eat lunch.

If you wish to join us for lunch, you can meet us at the pavilion at 11:30 to help set up and enjoy eating with us!

This adventure will be so much fun!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Please remember there is no school tomorrow and Monday.

Please work with your child to find and bring back their library books.

We will be have mini, gluten-free, cupcakes at the end of class today.

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Come watch as we take the stage and dazzle you with our singing and acting skills.

June 7th, 6:30-7:30. Kids arrive at 6:00 to prepare! Let me know if your child cannot make it to the event.  

        Piggie and Gerald Play Assignments

Today I Will Fly – London (P) ; Jonny (G); Andrew (dog); Sam O. (Pelican)
Props:  Flying stand;  Sky hook

My New Friend is so Fun! – Maecca (G); Kit (P); Ever (Brian); Bennett (Snake)
Props:  Pictures of Friends

Waiting is Not Easy – Luke (P); Sammy (G) Ever (star holder)
Props:  Stars

Let’s Go for a Drive! – Ayden  and Sophia
Props: Map; Sunglasses; Umbrellas; Bags

Listen to My Trumpet – Miro (G) and Sam P.S.(P)
Props: toy trumpet

Elephants Can't Dance   – Sophie (G)and Elli (P)
Props:  Tutu; What elephants can do book

I Am Going! – Thierry (P) and Harper (G)
Props:  Lunch

Pigs Make Me Sneeze! – Andrew ( Dr. Cat); Finn (G); Maebel (P)
Props: Dr. Outfit;  Lots of  Tissues

Watch Me Throw the Ball! – Jazmine  (P); Aylin (G)
Props: Ball

I Love My New Toy! – Sam O (Squirrel); Oliver (P); and Stellan (G)
Props: Break and Snap toy

There Is a Bird on Your Head! – Emily (P); Coben (G); Ever (Bird handler)
Props: Nest; Birds

Monday, May 1, 2017

New Projects

  New Projects Begin May 8th!

The following choices are being offered to K-3 students during the upcoming round of projects.  Please read the project descriptions below and help your student choose three areas of interest. 

                  ****Sign-up sheets are due Tuesday, May 2nd.

Have you ever wanted to live on a farm? Do you wonder what farmers do all day? Join us as we learn about the all the different types of farming.  We will study the animals, make some chesse and create our own farm! Who knows maybe we will have some furry visitors? Roll up your sleeves and get ready for some farmin’ fun! (*Parents* please let your child’s teacher know if you have livestock you would be willing to bring in for show and tell, thanks!)

Trucks, Tires, and Transportation (Third grade and First Grade sign up only)
This project will focus on trucks in our everyday life as well as specialty trucks. You will be outside for the truck visits. We will be observing, studying, and comparing different types of trucks. We will be painting and drawing trucks. And of course, we will be playing with trucks!! This project will have homework assignments. Join the fun and find out some interesting things about trucks besides the fact… you just can help but love them!!

How Does Your Garden Grow?
Come explore the structure and the function of plants. You will observe and track changes in a variety of plant species as you make the necessary modifications to ensure their survival. This project includes an investigation into bees and why they are essential to plant development. Be ready to get a little dirty!

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!
Do you love spring time with all the flowers blooming? I sure do! We will be making all sorts of flower art pieces inspired by some famous artists who draw flowers. Making these flowers will be with paint, oil pastels, ink, tissue paper, color crayons, colored pencils, markers and much more if we have time. Let's bloom with the flowers?:)

Bringing Butterflies to Camas Ridge
 Oh where oh where have the butterflies gone? Have you walked through the garden and looked for butterflies? Well, I have, and have not found many. This project will explore why the Camas Garden is missing butterflies. Together we will design and create a safe in the garden specifically for these special friends. If you love solving problems, the garden, and insects, this project is for you! Hope to see you flutter in!

Movin', Groovin' and Grubbin'
Do you like to move and groove?  Do you like to eat and try new foods? Join us as we explore different forms of exercise and movement as well as the connection between our diets and our health.  In this project we will be balancing body work with learning about nutrition as we taste, and prepare different types of foods.  We all want to be healthy and happy and that process begins by making healthy choices.  Hope to see you there!

Wondering about Whales!
Do all whales migrate, why or why not? How do scientist classify whales? How big are whales? How many different species of whales are there? What can we learn about whales by studying their movements? How do whales communicate? What can we do to help protect the ocean environment for whales and the many other sea creatures that call the ocean their home? If you are curious about these questions and have more of your own this just might be the project for you. Come join us as we have lots of fun exploring the world of whales!

Come join us as we explore what makes a hero.  We all know about superheroes, and famous people like Martin Luther King Jr., but are those the only types of heroes out there?  Does a hero have to do something amazing? Can anyone become a hero?  If so, does that make a hero less special because anyone can be one?   Let’s dig deep and uncover our own definition of a hero, and maybe realize the heroes in our own life, through reading, writing, history, and art. 

Outdoor Science Observation
We will become naturalists at Camas Ridge, spending lots of time outside rain or shine!  We will practice fox walking, keep nature journals, read maps, play games, and do lots of drawing.  If you love nature and being observant, this is the project for you!

Student’s Name


Please choose three areas of interest and return to your LA teacher by Tuesday, May 2nd.




Wednesday, April 5, 2017

 Field Trip
We are planning a field trip for Wednesday, April 19th. We are going to the art museum at the University of Oregon. We will load buses at 9:00 and return to school by about 11:15. We are lucky in that we already have all the volunteers needed for this trip. I need you to send in $5.00 for this field trip right away. It will cover the cost of the bus, the museum tour, and the time we get to have in the art studio creating. If you need help with the cost of the trip, please just let me know and we will help take care of it. If you are able to send in a little extra to help out, we would really appreciate it.  

Volunteer Appreciation
Our class would not be nearly as successful without your help and support. We want to thank you in person! We are planning a volunteer appreciation assembly (school-wide) on Friday, April 14th, at 12:30. After the assembly, you will come to our classroom and let us celebrate you. We have a few things planned for you! Please let me know right away if you are able to come.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Friday is the 100th day of school! 
Please work with your child to collect 100 of any item they can bring in to school.
Here are just a few ideas: Legos, beans, grains of rice, pennies, Barbie shoes, paper clips, corks, marbles, many possibilities.

Please send items in a bag that can safely hold the items.


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Green Eggs and Ham HELP!!!

Tomorrow is Green Eggs and Ham Day ( wear something green). I have a dorky idea that I cannot pull off on my own...

Can anyone bring a camping stove and some equipment to help us make green eggs and ham in class tomorrow? It would be from 8:00-9:00. We need little plates and forks...and anyone who can come and help make it happen. 

Anyone want to come and read Green Eggs and Ham to the class?

Please get back to me right away if you can help make this happen! 


Friday, February 24, 2017

Dr Seuss Week, 100th Day of School, Sock-Hop-a-Thon, and Book Exchange!

We are going to be having some fun with Dr. Seuss next week.  We thought it would be fun to try and dress up a little each day. The book exchange is on Thursday. Your student can bring in two books and exchange them for two new books. Also, Friday is the Sock-Hop-a-Thon AND the 100th day of school.

Dress up Schedule:
Monday - Green Eggs and Ham - Wear Green!
Tuesday - Sneetches - Wear Stars!
Wednesday - Cat in the Hat - Wear Red and White
Thursday - Whoville - Dress up as your Favorite Book Character Day
Friday - Fox in Socks - Wear Wacky Socks

It is all for fun. Anyone who wants to dress up can go for it!

Monday, February 6, 2017

<3 <3 <3 Valentine’s Day is Coming <3 <3 <3

If your child decides to make Valentine cards for kids please be sure each student on this list is included. I added a place to check off each card as it is made…to help avoid forgetting anyone.

1.     Ana                  _______
2.     Andrew            _______
3.     Ayden              _______
4.     Azaria              _______
5.     Ben                  _______         
6.     Coben              _______
7.     Elli                   _______
8.     Emily               _______
9.     Ever                 _______
10.  Finn                 _______
11.  Harper             _______
12.  Jazmine           _______
13.  Kit                   _______
14.  Jonny              _______
15.  London            _______
16.  Luke                _______
17.  Maebel            _______
18.  Maecca            _______
19.  Miro                _______
20.  Oliver              _______
21.  Sam O.            _______
22.  Sam P.S          _______
23.  Sammy            _______
24.  Sophie             _______
25.  Sophia H.        _______
26.  Stellan             _______
27.  Thierry            _______

Our class Valentine’s Day party will be on the 14th, at 1:15. You are more than welcome to come and join us. Please let me know if you are going to come and if you want to bring anything. We are going to wear pajamas, and each student may bring one small stuffed animal.

All candy, toys, and cards collected on Valentine’s Day will be coming home to you. You can help your child decide which candy is appropriate for them.
<3<3 <3 <3


The following choices are being offered to 1st and 2nd graders during the upcoming round of art projects.  Please read the project descriptions below and help your student choose three areas of interest. 

                  ****Sign-up sheets are due Wednesday, February 8th.

Paint, Cut, Create!
Come join the fun as we create abstract art!  Explore the question, "What is Art?”  Does all art need to look like something or can it come straight from your imagination?  In this art class we will paint to make art, we will cut to create art, and we will learn about some famous artists too!  Did you know that Jackson Pollock became famous by doing a splatter paint technique? Did you know Henri Matisse cut paper to create art?  These are just a couple of the artists you will learn about in this class as you create your own masterpieces. I hope to see you in Paint, Cut, Create!

Crochet 101
Are you VERY patient with yourself, others and good with your hands for small things? Do you know where Crochet started? Why is it called crochet and what types of yarn are there? Does relaxing and making things with yarn sound fun to you? If so, come join the fun in Crochet 101! We will do finger knitting, crochet chains, learn single crochet, decorate our own crocheting bag and much more!

Symmetry in Art
What makes something symmetrical? How can you make a piece of artwork feel balanced? Students will be able to identify symmetrical figures and explain why or why not a figure has symmetry. We will create through drawing and painting, and will explore the art elements of shapepositive and negative space, and line as we make our own works of art. We're going to have tons of fun in a balanced kind of way! Can't wait to explore symmetry with you!

Love, Love, Love – All You Need is Love!
Do you love drawing hearts? What about creating art from your own heart? I know this art project is after Valentine’s Day, but hey - hearts are fun all year round, they represent love! What do you love? What do you love about art? If you’re curious about these questions and you want to have tons of fun creating lots of art using a variety of art mediums this just might be the project for you! We’ll explore some of the elements of art and have fun exploring different art materials too. I can’t wait to see YOU in Heart Art Project class!

Outside The (watercolor) Box

Come join us as we create art using watercolors that don’t come in a little tray.  We’ll explore how color works with or against itself as we make a slew of different pieces.  Using an artist’s eye, we’ll craft various pieces- from artistic household decorations to stunning pieces of “traditional” art with a twist.  For those who like to paint, think outside the box, and try new things, this project is for you.

Student’s Name


Please choose three areas of interest and return to your homeroom teacher by Wednesday, February 8th.




___Yes, I’m available to help from 1:00-2:00, during Art Block on the following days:  ___ Mon.  ___Tues.  ____Thurs.   ____Fri.

Volunteer’s Name:                                            Contact Number:
________________________                     _______________________

Monday, January 23, 2017

Our class talked and they really want to have a Valentine's Day party. We are going to make it happen. We will have our class Valentine Party on the 14th, from about 1:15-2:00. Kids will get to pass out valentines to one another. I will send home a list of all class names very soon! All candy from the valentine's will come home to you so you can help your child choose what is best for them.
As a class, we will have a special treat and some fun! You are more than welcome to come in and have fun with us! Let me know if you plan to come in, and if you want to bring something for us to enjoy or to make the party more festive.

We will also get to wear our pajamas to school, and bring a small stuffy!

Looking forward to a little fun!

We are making positive message/quotes for ourselves. A quick message we can read and take into our hearts on a hard or rough day. Please can you work with your child tonight to create/find a message they can bring in. The quote or message will be written by your child onto a piece of artwork ( a poster) they create. Thank you for your support!

If you can send in a few messages/quotes for others to use, I would be so thankful. This will help anyone who doesn't have one tomorrow.

Please be sure the message is printed so it is easy to read.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Our class has been having  discussions about recess and some of the challenges many kids are having outside. It seems there is a lot of unsafe and disrespectful behaviors and words flying around. We have been talking about what we can do to make sure everyone feels safe and respected at recess. The entire class feels they want it to stop and they just want to be able to go outside and have fun without worrying if someone will hurt them, make fun of them, or have to hear "bad" words. Kids want to be included and feel part of the fun and games going on around them.

We came up with a plan! We decided to make a commitment to be safe and respectful to ourselves and to others. We are going to be making some necklaces that have a large and colorful symbol to help remind ourselves and each other to keep this commitment. The design they came up with is a sunshine with a peace sign in the middle. The words will say I am kind and respectful. I think kids will put these on when they arrive to school and take them off before they leave. The idea is that kids will see these colorful necklaces on each other and be reminded of their commitment.

It's worth a try! I just want them to be happy and feel good at school!

It is all in the works right now and we would love any help we can get in making this happen. Is anyone an artist and could help draw this? I imagine making them out of paper and then laminating them. They would be strung with string of some sort.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Remember there is no school tomorrow, as we recognize Veteran's Day.

Please remember to send your child with a snack each day. It is important that they have food/fuel to keep them going until lunchtime.

Pictures will come home today. I am so sorry I didn't send them earlier. It's been a crazy week and I didn't even realize they were in my mailbox!

Projects will begin next week. This means that our class will be split up into five different classes. I tried my best to make sure everyone was placed into a project they are interested in. Kids will travel to their project class in the afternoon. If you are interested in volunteering during the art block project time please let me know. I will post where the classroom placement for your child's project later today. It will be on the blog and I will also send an email.

We have been focusing on air and weather in our current science unit. One of the projects that came out of this study was to create parachutes and try and launch and land them successfully. It was SUCH a fun project. The kids brought home their items yesterday and will likely tell you all about it and want to keep working on them at home. I let them know they could bring anything they make at home ( related to the parachutes) to share with the class.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

We had another great week! The kids had great stories to share about their Halloween adventures. The costumes they came in were so much fun and added so much more awesome to our day! Please check out the pictures page to see some of what we were up to!

Parent/Teacher Conferences:
I am looking forward to meeting with each of you about your student. Remember there is no school on Thursday or Friday. We dismissed kids for these days specifically to meet with you and share how they are doing.

SMART - Wednesdays from 11:45-12:45
We begin reading with the Start Making a Reader Today (SMART) volunteers next week. This is a time where each student gets to read one on one with an adult for 30 minutes. It is a wonderful program in our school that is offered to all kindergartners and first grade students. Kids will get to bring home a new book every other week from SMART. They get to keep these books.

Have an excellent weekend!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

It was a great week!
It was a great week! Below are some things you can talk with your child about:
  • Pumpkin patch field trip
  • Singing in music class
  • The ballet assembly
  • How is PE going

Art Projects
Projects are coming up ( starting November 14th). This means K and 1st grade will be blending into k/1 classrooms and working on some really fun art. I will get you more information about the upcoming projects soon. Projects will happen at the end of each day, except Wednesdays. I will need some volunteers to come and help from 12:45-2:00. Let me know if you are available and interested.

Costume Parade:
Monday, October 31st at 8:15 am, we will have a whole-school parade, winding through all the classrooms. Your child is welcome to wear a costume this day, but please make sure there are no weapons, nothing offensive, and nothing very special ( in case it gets lost or broken).

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Picture Day:

Just a head's up so you can be prepared - we will have our picture day on Friday

Also, I have been adding pictures of what we have been up to in class to the blog.

  • Our class will be running/walking in the jog-a-thon this Wednesday from 10:30-11:30am.
  • Please pack a big snack for your student, as our lunch will be later this day
  • Please pack a water bottle
  • Please be sure your student is wearing sturdy shoes

Friday, October 7, 2016

Hello From Room 17,
It’s been another incredible week! Our volunteers started coming in to work with kids and it’s going so well. We are lucky to have the extra support. It’s not too late to sign up and volunteer in the room. Please email me if you are interested in coming to work with us. Snickers, the licensed and hypoallergenic therapy dog, has started coming in to read with some students. What a hit that is!

Show and Tell
Show and Tell will be starting up next week. Three kids will get to share each day. They will have to come in and sign up in the morning.  There will be a spot on the board for them to write their name. If there are already names up on the board, they can try to get it up the next day. Each student may only share one time each week.

Apple Day and Cider Press –
Remember to send 3 apples in to class. 1 red, 1 green, and 1 yellow apple. Send in extras if you can. Also, just for fun, have your student wear a red, green, or yellow shirt if possible.
I need some volunteers to come and help with making fresh apple cider. This will be on October 11th, .  I need help from 10:15-11:00. I also need some MORE volunteers for Apple Day, on October 12th. I need help from about 11:30-12:45. We will be having tons of activities going on and need lots of adults to help us make the magic happen. Please let me know if you can help on either or both days. The more the merrier!

Vocabulary at Home
Here are some words/concepts you can work with kids on at home.
solving for the unknown

Words to Practice Reading at Home:
sing                                         do
they                                        find
funny                                      no
my                                           here
who                                         all
does                                        me

Pumpkin Patch Trip
We are going to the pumpkin patch on October 26th.  There is NO charge for this trip.
I need volunteers to go with us on the bus and help us have fun! Please send in a bag for your student to carry his/her pumpkin home from the patch in.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016